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The Terrible Causes of Halitosis

BY Riverheart family dentistry

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is characterized by a foul odor emanating from the mouth. This condition can occur on occasion, sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not. For unfortunate people, this is a chronic condition. Having bad breath is a conversation killer. People with bad breath shy away from joining discussions or social interactions that involve talking. Having someone detect that terrible smell is downright embarrassing. It severely damages the self-esteem of the person who has it. What a downer! 


Numerous factors contribute to this condition. Here are some of them: 

  • Food is the leading cause of odors. These foods are garlic, onions, fish, spices, some cheeses, and acidic beverages like coffee. If food particles get stuck in between the teeth, they lead to the formation of foul-smelling dental plaque and bacteria. The odor caused by food is often short-lived. A lingering smell stays in the mouth when brushing and rinsing are not done after consuming these foods. 
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco is a big no-no for people who want to keep their breath fresh. The chemicals that tobacco products leave inside the mouth causes a distinct, bad odor. If this reason is not enough to stay away from these products, they also cause oral cancer and gum disease. 
  • Neglecting oral care is another factor that causes halitosis. Forgetting to brush and floss daily lets the stuck food particles rot inside the mouth. These rotten food particles emit harmful odors. Besides that, plaque also builds up over time and emits a terrible smell of its own.
  • Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, can cause bad breath. Saliva helps moisten the mouth and cleanse it from odor-causing bacteria. When the body does not produce enough saliva to fight off bacteria, bad breath happens. 
  • Infections inside the mouth cause a terrible smell. These infections may be in the form of cavities, gum disease, and impacted teeth. 
  • Having dentures and braces increases the risk of bad breath. If the dentures and braces are not properly cleaned, the food stuck in between them will fuel the propagation of bacteria inside the mouth.


If bad breath is caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth, proper oral care is enough to make the foul smell go away. Proper brushing, flossing, and using rinses can solve this problem. However, there are cases where the foul scent does not go away despite the practice of proper care. It is best to see a dentist for a thorough consultation and diagnosis. Schedule an appointment at Riverheart Family Dentistry as it is necessary to receive the appropriate treatment for bad breath.

If you want to own a fresh, healthy smile and breath, then Riverheart Family Dentistry is here for you. Check out our Halitosis Treatment in O’Fallon, MO! You can visit us at Woodlawn Plaza 8618 Mexico Rd., O'Fallon, MO 63366.

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