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The Not-So-Secret Way to Achieve a Celebrity-Like Smile

BY Riverheart family dentistry

Being in the limelight sure is hard. Celebrities need to maintain their figure, and they should always be ready to flash a camera-ready smile whenever, wherever. However, as perfect as most people think of them, they are just humans. They also have flaws like everybody else, but with the help of a certain approach, these imperfections can be corrected.

For people who were born with a not-so-perfect smile, you are in luck! We at Riverheart Family Dentistry know the ‘not-so-secret’ secret of celebrities in having a perfectly looking smile—cosmetic dentistry! Wonder who are the actors and actresses who took advantage of the said field in dentistry? Here are some of them!

#1: Tom Cruise

Who doesn’t recognize this Mission Impossible actor? Although most people view Tom Cruise as someone with a beautiful smile, this was not the case when he was just starting his career. Some of the problems he had before were misaligned and discolored teeth. The actor underwent teeth straightening and whitening procedures. He even upgraded his smile by having veneers placed.

#2: Miley Cyrus

Before the “tongue-out” image became her signature look, everyone knew Miley Cyrus as someone with slightly crooked teeth, which was a nice addition to her personality. But, as her image changed, so as her smile. Miley underwent teeth straightening and whitening procedure to complete her new look.

#3: Mike Tyson

Being a boxer, Mike Tyson’s teeth was not his priority. However, it would seem as though the boxer’s teeth bothered him. He opted in getting gold caps for his front teeth that made him look fierce but chose to get veneers, which made his smile appear more even and balanced.

#4: George Clooney

Believe it or not, the movie star turned filmmaker used to have dental problems in the past as well! He developed a bad habit of grinding his teeth, which caused them to wear down and turn yellow. What’s more, is, he appeared older than his actual age. Fortunately, having veneers and crowns placed corrected his appearance.

Other than these celebrities, there are more who opted in undergoing cosmetic dentistry to achieve a beautiful-looking, healthy, flawless smile everyone envies and adores. If you happen to experience the same issues listed above, why not consider a Cosmetic Dentistry treatment in O’Fallon, MO as well? Call or visit us at Riverheart Family Dentistry to get started! You can take advantage of our composite fillings, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, and teeth whitening.

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