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Facts Worth Knowing About Bad Breath - O'Fallon, MO

BY Riverheart family dentistry

Halitosis, or most commonly referred to as bad breath, is considered a social problem anyone can experience. While some people suffer from this condition only after waking up in the morning or eating meals, others have it as a recurring issue. Bad breath may seem simple, but do know that it can actually affect a person adversely.

Since we at Riverheart Family Dentistry understand how chronic halitosis can affect a person and those around them, we prepared a list of facts about the said issue. We did so to help everyone become more familiar about the condition and the things to do to combat its development. Continue reading below!


Bad breath does not immediately happen after a meal

Patients should know that bad breath does not occur after eating a meal full of garlic and onions. It actually needs to travel through the body after breaking down into compounds. It means that brushing and flossing after a meal would not entirely get rid of the odor. The good news is, this type of oral malodor is only temporary. Besides, the sulfur compounds of onion and garlic are good for the body.

Smoking is bad for your health… and breath!

There are chemicals in tobacco smoke that is bad for the mouth; some of these can even cause it to become dry. If this happens, more bacteria can accumulate in the mouth, meaning the person's risk of developing bad breath increases. Plus, it can harm the soft tissues, which in turn could lead to infections and other complications.

Not all bacterias are bad

It may not be too pleasant to imagine that the human mouth consists of billions of bacteria but do know that there are good guys like the Streptococcus salivarius. This type of bacteria has anti-inflammatory properties that are good for one's gum and overall mouth health. Unfortunately, people who suffer from halitosis tend to have low levels of the said bacteria.

An unhealthy diet can lead to halitosis

Frequent, unbalanced, and continual dieting leads to high levels of Ketone. Ketone, unfortunately, is the byproduct of the breakdown of fatty acids which produces an odor similar to a fruit or nail polish remover.

Staying hydrated is a must

Everyone is advised to drink plenty of water every day not only because it is good for the body but the mouth as well. If a person is properly hydrated, they are sure to have a sufficient saliva production in their mouths. Saliva is essential since it helps keep the mouth clean and free from harmful accumulations.

Cover-ups would not work

People who suffer from bad breath tend to use mouthwash or gum in an attempt to cover up the oral malodor. Unfortunately, these only temporarily mask the odor instead of serving as solutions.

The best way to prevent bad breath from developing in the first place is by observing proper oral hygiene practices. But, if you are already suffering from the said problem, we at Riverheart Family Dentistry got you covered! Our dentist would examine the patient to determine the exact cause of halitosis so that proper measures will be taken.

If you want to own healthy, fresh breath, Riverheart Family Dentistry is here for you! Check out our Halitosis Treatment in O'Fallon, MO to combat bad breath. We are located at Woodlawn Plaza, 8618 Mexico Rd O’Fallon, MO 63366.

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