When Is a Root Canal Treatment Needed? – O’Fallon, MO

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It is sometimes challenging to detect the early forms of oral problems. People may find it hard to decide whether proper oral hygiene is enough to counter the issue or if it requires dental procedures. As for the case of root canals, the dentist usually has the final say. However, there are potential signs that can tell if a person needs the said treatment.

root canal treatment


Chronic Pain

It is the most obvious and common red flag of a problem on the tooth’s root. A person may find it difficult to chew or do daily activities with an infected tooth. Addressing it with the help of a dentist can alleviate or dissolve the issue.

Dark Discolorations

Many factors cause the teeth to stain or become discolored. Aside from the consumption of colorful foods or drinks, dark discolorations can also arise due to the damaged nerve below the surface of the tooth. Our dentist at Riverheart Family Dentistry can provide a root canal treatment to get rid of the deceased nerve and place a crown on the affected tooth for better aesthetics.

Persistent Sensitivity

The teeth typically become painful when exposed to hot or cold beverages. But if sensitivity lasts for several weeks or months, it is already a warning sign of a deteriorated root. Teeth sensitivity can compromise a person’s day-to-day function. Anyone who wants to clear out the sensitiveness should consider a root canal procedure.

Swollen Gums

The soft tissues that hold the teeth, popularly known as the gums, tend to become puffy when there is an infection beneath the surface; moreover, small pus can gather on top of the gums. When this happens, it is better to let the dental professional check the condition. They will assess if the issue is solely a result of inflammation. But if the state of the gums fails to recover even after a particular treatment, then it may require a root canal therapy.

A root canal treatment is a procedure performed by dental professionals to get rid of the pulp and other infected structures inside a tooth. The purpose if the treatment is to alleviate the pain felt by patients and to prevent the condition from worsening. Contrary to what others believe, root canals are painless – more comparable to the application of fillings.

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