Don’t Ignore a Toothache

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There are certainly things in life that you should never ignore. A leaky faucet, a high fever, and an empty refrigerator could be put on the list of “things not to ignore.” Another thing that should be put on that list is a toothache. Many people tend to ignore a toothache because they assume that it is nothing serious or that it will simply go away. The reality is, a toothache is really just a symptom of something else. Any time you have a tooth that is causing pain or discomfort, it needs to be seen as an indication that you need to visit the dentist for evaluation and any necessary treatment.

dental pain

Ignoring a toothache will not make it go away. In fact, ignoring a toothache generally makes the situation worse. As already mentioned, a toothache is an indication of a serious issue within the mouth. Because all teeth support one another as well as support the jaw bone, if a toothache is caused by a serious issue and it is ignored, it can wreak havoc on your entire mouth.

There are a variety of reasons that a tooth may ache or feel discomfort. Some issues are relatively small, such as a popcorn kernel stuck under the gum line or mild gingivitis caused by hormone fluctuations. These issues can generally be treated easily and cause no lasting concerns. However, there are serious issues that can cause a significantly negative impact on your oral health. A cracked, broken, or damaged tooth is extremely painful, causing pain any time you chew or bite down; receding gums cause extreme tooth sensitivity because the roots of the tooth are exposed; decay inside the tooth can disrupt your entire life because of how painful the infection can be when it attacks the inner nerves and roots of the tooth. None of these issues will resolve themselves. Putting off a dental visit because you “don’t have time” or you “don’t like the dentist” is not a good excuse. Putting off a dental visit can cost you your tooth, and in some cases, your entire smile.

At Riverheart Family Dentistry, no issue is too small. We are dedicated to every aspect of our patients’ oral health. Any symptom of pain or discomfort in a tooth needs to be evaluated and treated as quickly as possible to avoid major oral health damage. Our practice is here to provide the highest quality in dentistry services. Please contact us today with any dental concern you have. Don’t ignore a toothache! Call us and let us take your pain away.