Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Generally, people think that teeth finish erupting in the mouth in the adolescent years. Two sets of molars come in before the age of 12, orthodontic treatment often follows behind quickly, and the mouth is set. However, many people overlook the fact that the majority of the population will have a third set of molars erupt in the very back of the mouth. Commonly referred to as the “wisdom teeth,” these third molars typically do not have the room necessary to make their appearance. Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of issues such as crowding of already established teeth, disruption to achievements made by orthodontics, bone pain, jaw damage, infection, headaches, and bad breath.

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While some lucky individuals do not get wisdom teeth, the rest of the population must deal with them. Most dentists choose a proactive route when it comes to the wisdom teeth in order to prevent issues before they ever become a problem. X-rays can reveal whether or not a person has wisdom teeth and at what stage they need to be extracted from the mouth. Most dentists agree that it is far better to address issues with wisdom teeth before they become a problem than waiting until later in life when these third molars have established roots and cause problems.

Even though wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, many dental patients feel anxious and apprehensive about having surgery. Anesthesia options are available for every patient from local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and/or laughing gas (nitrous oxide). At Riverheart Family Dentistry, we are committed to the comfort of our patients and will do what is needed to keep you comfortable and relaxed during any type of dental procedure.

Once the wisdom teeth are removed, a few dissolvable sutures will be used to seal the gums and patients are allowed to go home. Post-operative instructions will be given, and closely followed, these can prevent any type of infection or dry socket.

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