Dental Emergencies

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All emergencies are stressful, and dental emergencies are no exception. Dental emergencies can come with pain, trauma, tears, and fear – no matter how old you are. Knowing what constitutes as a dental emergency and what to do when one occurs is the best first step in handling a dental emergency. 

Dental Emergencies

While a knocked out tooth is one of the most traumatic dental emergency that you can experience, there are others that can get people into more trouble.

  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • A damaged dental bridge or crown
  • A lost filling
  • An infection or abscess around a tooth
  • An injured jaw
  • Dental bleeding
  • Swelling inside the mouth
  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity

These dental emergencies are often not viewed as emergencies; thus people ignore them until they become extreme issues. The fact is, any true dental concern should be treated as an emergency in order to prevent drastic intervention. The trouble with the above listed issues is that many people tend to think that they will resolve on their own – but they will not. While these may be non-urgent issues, meaning they can wait a day or two, they should not be ignored any longer than that in order to prevent serious emergency situations from occurring.

Of course, a knocked out tooth is an emergency that cannot wait. A tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth or loosened from its socket requires immediate attention if the tooth is to be given a chance of survival. When a tooth is knocked out of its socket, it will be separated from its blood supply. Tooth roots hold the tooth to its life-line, and a reconnection must be made as quickly as possible in order to encourage successful reconnection. It is not always possible to save a tooth that has been knocked out, but with immediate intervention, your dentist has a greater chance of reestablishing a connection between your tooth and its roots. 

At Riverheart Family Dentistry, we are here for you in all types of dental emergencies. We will do our part to alleviate your pain and provide successful intervention. Please contact our practice right away!