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There are many times in life when we wonder whether our not our concern deserves the attention of a specialist. Many people often have questions come up between regular dental visits and wonder whether or not they should have their concerns looked at. Have you found yourself in this position? Maybe your gums have been tender for weeks and have started bleeding when you brush your teeth, or perhaps you have a tooth that has become especially sensitive to temperature changes or one that is painful when you eat. While these concerns may seem minor and you may be tempted to wait and discuss them with your dentist at your appointment in a couple of months, bringing them to your dentist’s attention sooner rather than later is always a good idea.

The answer to the question, “What is a necessary dental concern?” is simply this: if anything is a concern to you, it is a necessary concern to your dentist.

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Dental emergencies are relatively easy to identify – severe pain, blood, and/or a knocked out tooth are often involved. Emergency dental situations should always be handled as soon as possible. People who have dental emergencies treated within an hour of occurrence have the highest success rate of saving the tooth, or teeth, involved.

However, it is often the non-emergency situations that get people in the most trouble because they tend to wait them out. You may feel silly making an appointment simply because your gums are tender, but what your dentist knows is that tender gums are often the first sign of gum disease. You may be embarrassed to bring up a minor pain in your mouth, but left untreated that minor pain could cause extreme (and extremely expensive) damage to the mouth in the next few months between your regular dental visits. Your best decision is to bring up any concern that you have regarding your oral health to your dentist. Your dentist would much rather help ease a small concern than have to treat a major oral health issue.

At Riverheart Family Dentistry, Dr. Travis Schwarz, DMD, is committed to providing patients with personalized dental care. He takes the time to listen to all of his patients’ concerns, understanding both the small and large impact that they can have. Any worry that you have regarding the health, comfort, or appearance of your mouth is a concern to us at Riverheart Family Dentistry. Call us today.