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From the beginning of dentistry, all family members saw the same dentist for their oral health care needs. It was not until the relatively recent past that specific dentistry specialists became the hot topic in dental care. Seniors are encouraged to visit a senior dentist, and parents are now encouraged to take their children to a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry. Individualized dental practices have been talked about and hyped up leaving many families running around stressed just to visit the dentist twice a year. At Riverheart Family Dentistry we believe that the best option in dental care is for all members of a family to see the same dentist.

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The benefits of family dental practices have far more benefits over individualized dental practices that offer specific care for a specific age bracket. One of the greatest advantages to parents is the convenience of only having to travel to one dentist office. At Riverheart Family Dentistry, multiple family members can be seen on the same day in family block appointments. This allows multiple children to be seen at the same time by different hygienists, parents can be seen right after, and Dr. Travis Schwarz can visit everyone within a few minutes time. We understand your scheduling needs, and Riverheart Family Dentistry we go out of our way to put your needs first because we want to make visiting the dentist as convenient as possible.

While scheduling convenience is of huge importance to families, one of the most beneficial advantages to family dentistry comes from a dentist’s perspective. When one dentist is able to see multiple members of one family, it is easy to identify common issues. Small issues and concerns could easily be missed; however, if one parent shows a tendency towards gingivitis then the dentist will be able to watch for early signs in the children. Because many dental health issues are often passed on through genetics, the chances are very high that if a parent has a specific concern that one or more of the children will also be at risk for the same concern. Dental hygienists and dentists who are familiar with the oral health of an entire family offer a more comprehensive approach to dentistry for all family members.

Riverheart Family Dentistry is proud to offer exceptional dental care to families here in O’Fallon and the surrounding communities. We offer personalized and comprehensive dental treatments with an emphasis on quality. Dr. Schwarz and the entire team at Riverheart Family Dentistry believe that family dental care has the highest positive impact for all family members. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.